Kids’ Programs

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Wondering how you’re going to feed your kids at reunions?  Here’s some information to help you plan:

  • Kids are welcome at all meals!  We plan to have a family seating section at our fancier dinner on Friday night, where we will encourage classmates with children to sit so kids can play in a concentrated space, but that’s not a requirement – you and your family can sit wherever you like.  That is the only meal when we will have suggested seating locations. 
  • Kids under age 2 eat free for our class and will not be provided their own meal wristband.  Children between 2-12 years of age will receive a meal wristband.
  • All meals will be served buffet-style. 
  • Kids will have the same food options as adults for dinner on Thursday (an assortment of sandwiches), breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday (continental breakfast with bagels, fruit, etc.), and lunch on Saturday (a picnic before the P-rade with burgers and hot dogs and such).  
  • Kids will be provided separate food options for lunch on Friday and for dinner on Friday and Saturday.  Lunch on Friday will be a boxed lunch with a choice of PB&J, turkey, or cheese sandwich with fruit, a snack, milk or juice, and a toy.  Dinner on both Saturday and Sunday will have a separate buffet line set up with the kids’ food (look for it near the adult buffet line), which will include items like chicken nuggets, pasta, fruit salad, vegetables, rolls, cookies, and juice or milk.  

If you have any questions about kids’ food, or want to alert us to specific dietary needs for children that you did not already include when you registered for Reunions, please contact Shannon Simmons at


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