Battle of the Bands!

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Welcome to the first (and last) 10th Reunion Battle of the Bands!

The rules are simple: Vote for your favorite alumni band by 9pm PST April 30. The winner will be announced in a classwide email May 1, at which point the victor will have to re-remember how to play in time for a Thursday night concert at Reunions.

Good luck, all.

Pipe Dream

Jon Barnes ’03
Jeff Lange ’04
Nick Lyon ’06
Mac Muirhead ’03

From the tap rooms to Newman’s Day, Pipe Dream brought the music with its rocking classic party anthems (with a few of our own tossed in to mix things up). If you didn’t know the words we didn’t bother playing it (although if it was Newman’s Day we forgive you for forgetting a few lyrics here and there).

Have a listen…

The Easy Way Out

Steve Sullivan ’03
Olivier Kamanda ’03
Jeff Lange ’04
Jay Katsir ’04

We’re a djembe-backed (African drum) four-person funk and rock jam band that plays original music.

Clinical Trials

Somer Bingham ’03
Stacey Lee

Taking inspiration from the energy of Nirvana, Patti Smith and PJ Harvey, Clinical Trials is the perfect hybrid of raw sound combined with a love of production in the vein of Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and The Kills. The end result oozes an intoxicating dysphoria that breeds in a world of whiskey waterfalls & post-punk pop. Fueled by punk, tinged with sexuality, and dangerously charming: “while projecting a unique style all her own, it’s not hard to imagine Somer as the sonic lovechild of Kurt Cobain and Joan Jett.”

Have a look…

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