Alumni-Faculty Forums

As you know, reunions weekend is filled with lots of exciting events & activities (besides DJ Bob blasting hits from the 90’s). One such activity is the forty-year tradition of panel discussions called the Alumni-Faculty Forum (AFF), each featuring about five panelists from the major reunion classes and a faculty moderator.

We’re thrilled to announce the ’03-ers who will be participating as panel experts at reunions this year:
· Josephine Decker on ‘Why Art Matters
· Lisa (Keels) Lowenstein on ‘Affordable Health Care: The Next Chapter
· Naomi (Levine) Herrera on ‘Can We Turn Things Around? Sustainability and Climate Change
· Anika Binnendijk on ‘The United States as World Police
· Allen Taylor on ‘Entrepreneurial Change Agents: Making the World a Better Place
· Steve Obermeier on ‘Is the Judicial Confirmation Process Broken?
· Rolando Amaya on ‘How to Deal with Our Aging Infrastructure?
· David Lieb on ‘Tiger Inventors: From Concept to Creation
· AJ Smith on ‘Media and Influence: Don’t Shoot the Messenger
· Ravi Sangisetty on ‘Electoral Politics: Running the Good Race
· Saloni Doshi on ‘Entrepreneurial Change Agents: Making the World a Better Place

Please set aside some time between revelry to support your classmates and participate in what will be some very compelling and entertaining discussions. More information about AFFs, including dates and times can be found here.


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