11th Reunion Registration

Here is some basic information about our 11th Reunion:

Reunions 2014 runs from Thursday, May 29th to Sunday, June 1st (it’s the weekend after Memorial Day).

As a member of the Class of 2003, you’ll need to register at Baker Rink to get your wristband, sign your class ledger, etc. If that doesn’t sound familiar, it’s because this is a new setup that the University is trying out this year.

After registering, head on up the 10th Headquarters in the Foulke-Henry Courtyard (aka “Junior slums”) to join the party!

There is no sign-up or registration required in advance for satellites; just show up with a Photo ID and they’ll wristband you up.

Each satellite classmate, one adult guest, and any children of the classmate can register for FREE. This registration allows access to Reunions areas (including beverages and entertainment), but not to costumes, meals or any ’04-specific activities.

Additional adult guests can attend at a rate of $100 per person. No pre-registration is required, but payment is required at the time of registration. The classmate must be present when guests register.

Wristband registration is available during the following time periods:

Thursday: 12PM-11PM
Friday: 9AM–12MIDNIGHT
Saturday: 9AM–1PM and 5PM–11PM

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